Sunday, June 21, 2009

UT exp3 Map

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Expt 3Finals

The basis for my design is based on the power of sexuality. The Madonna space below, is based on the female reproductive system mainly the womb and ovaries. this is because Madonna is one women who has constantly re invented her image giving her the ability to be reborn to a vast audience.

The Obama space (above) is represented by a Phallic type object. In history, the most powerful nations have always had an obelisk in their capital city's. The obelisk is a phallic type object that stands strong. The Obama space isn't pointing towards the heavens due to the nation he controls, has been loosing their grip of being known as a superpower.

The Obama space is located at the tip of the phallus. The direction of the floor texture represents the information he requires, at speed(movement) to bring his nation back to being a powerful force. The table represents the number of questions directed at him. The roof displays the downward pressure that he has to endure to kepp the power.

the Madonna internal space, is a depiction an ovary in a womb. the lone chair represents how she can ponder a new way to be reborn. The texture on the floor represents her patience, boiling as she waits for a revival.

The meeting table has been changed to a bed, two people with power will eventually fight for control. Since sexuality is the basis of Power in my design, looking back in history , JFK and Marilin Munroe, Bill Clinton and Monica Luwinski, the sexual connotation is imminent. The bed is made of glass with spikes to demonstrate that if a sexual acts was to occur, it would scar one of them eventually. The fragile nature of the glass symbolises them questioning whether or not to follow their predecessors. The Meeting place is located in the bridge, the bridge design represents the power of rope. When a rope is pulled apart, strand by strand, it becomes weak and the bed demonstrates human kinds weak ness towards lustfull encounters.

furniture and lifts

Obama Main lift. The design is based on the clutching hand, taking control protectiing the one who travels in it.

Madonas lift is more open due to the fact that her strength is based, on her being an extravert.

The meeting table has been changed to a bed.

this is Obamas table. It represents how everything is pointed at him and how all the power is under his control.

Madonas Chair

Final sketch up draft

looking towards Madonas space

Looking towards Obamas space

The travelways, in combination with the bridge and two spaces are represented by the "f" shape.

sketch up drafts

bridge with lift space provided.


Obama space

Madona space with windows

Madona space

Monday, June 1, 2009

students asessment

36 textures